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CAPTURE is a super absorbent powder that quickly turns messy, water-based spills into an easy-to-dispose gel.

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CAPTURE is a super absorbent powder that quickly turns messy, water-based spills into an easy-to-dispose gel.

This super absorbent powder instantly encapsulates messy spills into an easy-to-handle gel and eliminates unwanted odors!

Quick Facts:

– Absorbs up to 100 TIMES its weight and eliminates odors

– Non Toxic

– Fresh Floral Scent

Directions To Use:

1.Sprinkle evenly over the surface of the spill and allow 1 minute to absorb

2.Sweep up and dispose the gel

3.Clean and dry the spill area to prevent any slippery surfaces

Additional Information

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  1. Summary of review review by Bubsicles on 21/04/2016

    It works like this: sprinkle the Capture powder onto a spillage and watch the powder absorb the liquid to turn into a gel that lets you sweep it away easily. Luckily for me, again, we don’t usually get massive spillage so I thought I’d run a little experiment instead.

    I poured some milk (only SOME because the milk guzzlers were watching me keenly and I didn’t want to give them any ideas), tossed some Capture powder onto it and waited.

    Once it had turned into this lumpy gel, the four-year-old helped me to sweep it into the dustpan and threw it out into the bin. I was overzealous in pouring out the powder because I was doubtful that it would work. But it did! Apparently, Capture can absorb up to 100 times its weight and it can neutralise odours too. Talk about being a heavyweight.

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  2. Summary of review review by Lady J on 19/01/2016

    When I met up with Sulin from Our Lifestyle Shop just before Christmas last year, she shared some really exciting products that she will be launching on the store. I was thrilled because we really are fans of KONK and Safe Hands. Okay, and I’m not saying this because we are sponsored. We have been using KONK for nearly 2 years and Safe Hands is a must-have not only at our home but we are also really pleased to know that Bubba’s school also uses Safe Hands (doubt that they are sponsored in any way).

    This time round, she passed us some really useful products just in time for our big Chinese New Year clean-up!! I’m really happy because we won’t be around for the next week or so, so keeping the house or our area clean is of utmost importance to me.

    Okay, so I have posted the first picture above with Bubba’s bedtime bunny companion. Like, what in the world is that? Stay tuned! We will be reviewing Our Lifestyle Shop‘s latest product called Capture!

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