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According to a news article by Straits Times, Hand Foot Mouth Disease (HFMD) is at it’s all record high. Now that Bubba is exposed to more children in school, HFMD as well as gastric flu are one of the dreaded illness/ virus that I would not want of any child.

My heart often skips a beat when the email notifications flash in my mailbox informing parents of a new case on HFMD. I worry for Bubba’s health for she has fallen ill almost every month since starting school. We do give her vitamins and try to instill healthy eating habits, but I guess it’s really all part and parcel of building up her immunity.

But one can also set one’s mind at ease by trying to keep your home environment clean and free of germs where possible. Thanks to the good folks from Our Lifestyle Shop who have specially put together this HFMD Emergency Prep Kit (S$99) consisting of Safehands (Unscented), B Sanitized and Foaming Lemon Scented Cleaner/ Disinfectant.

We are already huge fans of Safehands and B Sanitized. In fact, when our complimentary bottle of B Sanitized is finished, I would stock up on them. They are super handy when it comes to sanitizing Bubba’s toys or play-room in a jiffy. As for Safehands, they are currently the only brand of hand sanitizer that we would bring out to sanitize Bubba’s hands. They are not drying which is great for tiny hands.

Click here to read more from Lady J - https://j0annesim.wordpress.com/2016/06/12/fight-hfmd-with-this-special-kit (Posted on 6/13/2016)
Immediately after Zac was diagnosed, I texted Su-Lin from Our Lifestyle Shop to ask if she had any B-Sanitized in stock. HFMD spreads by direct contact with nasal discharge (ie. AH-CHOO!), saliva, faeces and fluids from the infected person. When we battled HFMD the previous time, B-Sanitised came in handy as we sanitised everything that Aidan came in contact with.

This time round, there was an even greater sense of urgency as we wanted to prevent Aidan from catching it too. Well. I mean, we were sort of resigned that he would eventually get it too, seeing how they were both happily drinking and spitting out their bath water during the incubation period (I know…don’t get me started…). But we tried anyway and the spray was fantastic.

Plus, she informed me that the shop was now selling a HFMD bundle, which included B-Sanitized, SafeHands and Total Solutions Foaming Lemon Scented Disinfectant. Both disinfectants were so easy to use – just spray (and then wipe for the Total Solutions product). We used Total Solutions on surfaces such as tabletops, chairs etc, while B-Sanitised went onto the things that my infectious brood touched. We also made sure to wash our and their hands with soap all the time, and sanitised with SafeHands frequently.

You could always use good ‘ol Dettol and water, obviously. But B-Sanitised and Total Solutions are gentle on the environment AND humans AND felines – plus Dettol is poisonous to cats.

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